Maternal Mental Health & Parenthood Stress Management

From the time you publicize that you are pregnant or adopting, friends, family and even strangers feel free to offer advice. You may find some of this information appreciated, and some of it not. Revive and Renew Counseling wants to help you find the singular voice that matters most – your own.

Being a mom isn’t easy. The highs of intense love are often combined with uncertainty and isolation. Adjusting to the transition of parenthood is one of the biggest changes you will face in your lifetime. Holding back your feelings and pretending that everything is okay can cause a cycle of shame, leading to depression and anxiety. Communication can breakdown in the parental relationship causing more distress in the family.

Seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Finding a safe and comforting place to talk about all the emotions that come with motherhood is tremendously beneficial for both you, your partner and your child. I encourage you to reach out and treat yourself with the same consideration that you show others in your life.


My Story:

As a mom myself, I understand how imperative it is to have emotional support throughout the journey of motherhood, from adoption or pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. I remember the early days of bonding with my children, while also feeling overwhelmed with loneliness and guilt about making the right decisions as a parent. With appropriate support, I was able to create a space to be present with my children, while also taking care of myself to find peace, clarity and purpose.

Regardless of the age of our children, we never stop being a mother. My personal journey and professional education have led me to my work with mothers and their families. I am passionate about helping mothers to reach their full potential and learn to trust their own voice and decisions. I am also an active member of Postpartum Support International and have received a certificate in Maternal Mental Health. My couples therapy training in The Gottman Method is beneficial in helping partners find new ways of connection and intimacy throughout this transition.

You don’t have to go through this alone, I am here to help you achieve emotional health and wellness and to lead with confidence in this experience of parenthood.